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Sex for Adults Not for Students Says Zimbabwe university

October 23, 2014

Zimbabwe’s top university makes an attempt to prevent students kissing in public. They choses bulletin board to share this message ‘any students found in any intimate position like kissing or having sex in public places” would be punished.

But, student union is not happy with this decision and is making protest against the same. It seems a little unjustified as students share their precious moments in this college life.

Moving forward with this rigid opinion, the university also warned students from welcoming guests of the opposite sex to their hostels. Taking a scrol in dark places within the campus with your friend is also punishable.

According to Student union, students attempt to counter the restrictions, forced around ten days ago.

“Students are opposed to these restrictions which they see as antiquated and narrow-minded,” said one of the leaders of the Zimbabwe National Students Union.

Everyone, except management, is strongly desiring to prevent the limitations.  These acts of restricting  bring down the college to a primary school. The management should consider that college is for adults who are mature.

This new administrative rule also surpasses students from showing the correspondence of non-resident colleagues, were meant to restrict students’ freedom of assembly.

While having an interview from a student, we got to know that they feel that these administrative measures are meant to limit students from    associating.

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