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Right To Die: Euthanasia Is Now Legal In Britain

August 13, 2009

Families wanting to help their relatives with an assisted suicide will now not be facing any prosecution in Britain, after the recently marked decision in the favour of Debbie Purdy. This decision would highly prevent the families from traveling abroad for Euthanasia. This ruling has brought the concept of Euthanasia again in public.

Debbie Purdy is supporting her husband against any prosecution of helping in her suicide. She is suffering from Multiple sclerosis, and is fighting the case for the past two years. Smiling from her legal victory, she was seen gripping to her husband’s hand outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday. She was extremely overwhelmed with the decision and relieved as well, she mention that “It’s like having my life back”, she also said that, “I think people are beginning to realize it’s not a right to die, it’s a right to live, and a right to live with dignity, and with choice, and to know what your choices are.” She was diagnosed of her illness a good 14 years ago and is on a wheel chair since 2001.

Right to die

Right to die

There have been over 115 people who have traveled to Swiss from Britain to exercise this practice. And there have been countless number of cases where the patients have decided to take this step alone, so as not to risk any legal proceedings against their relatives.

What is Euthanasia?
It is a practice of ending the life in a painless manner. There are two kinds of Euthanasia, Voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia. Involuntary Euthanasia is conducted where the patient is not in a state to take a decision, and based on his medical conditions, the decisions are taken by medical professionals and the close ones of the patient. The concept has been in controversies throughout, however, it is legal in some forms in countries like Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Thailand, Belgium and Washington.

Right to die IS LEGAL

Right To Die Is Now Legal

This decision has opened many doors to the practice and the problems the people were facing till now. However, mainly all the religions are critical to the issue.

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